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MEDA Director Discusses Financial Aid Awareness Week on Univision

Dairo Romero

Dairo Romero talks about Financial Aid U on Univision

Dairo Romero, Director of Programs at the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) in San Francisco was recently interviewed by Univsion 14 about MEDA’s involement in Financial Aid U and Financial Aid Awareness Week. Read the rest of this entry


CEP President David Marzahl Discusses Financial Aid Awareness Week on WGN TV

David Marzahl

CEP President David Marzahl

David Marzahl discusses what Financial Aid Awareness Week means, and what the Center for Economic Progress is doing to promote awareness in the Chicago area through their involvement with Financial Aid U.

By Dan Fair, Manager of Communications & Member Relations

Happy Financial Aid Awareness Week!

Financial Aid U

In 2010, Financial Aid U programs helped file more than 1,200 FAFSAs leading to $10.7 million in aid

Today marks the beginning of Financial Aid Awareness Week! In partnership with NCTC and the Citi Foundation, programs across the country in NCTC’s Financial Aid U program have worked to host FAFSA preparation events and pass local resolutions and proclamations declaring February 6-12 “Financial Aid Awareness Week.”

Low-income students attend college at a rate 20-40% lower than their higher-income counterparts. With tuition rising higher and higher, the FAFSA has been shown to be a major barrier for low-income and first-generation students as they struggle to find a way to pay for college. Read the rest of this entry

National EITC Awareness Day

EITC Day Panel

EITC Awareness Day Speakers

While hundreds of VITA programs celebrated National EITC Awareness Day in their local communities, NCTC celebrated with a policy briefing on Capitol Hill.

On January 28th, National EITC Awareness Day, NCTC hosted a policy briefing for Congressional staffers on the impact and importance of the EITC and other refundable credits that provide incentives for work and strengthen local economies. Read the rest of this entry