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US Savings Bonds Campaign: Savings Bonds During Tax Time

Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds are an easy and secure way to save for the future

Want a safe, easy and secure savings product to offer during tax time? In partnership with the Doorways to Dreams Fund Inc., NCTC wants to support an easy way for tax filers to save during the tax season. Taxpayers can take a part of their refund and buy a savings bond! Read the rest of this entry


State Stories: Strengthen the EITC, Strengthen Local Economies

Sean Noble

Sean Noble serves as NCTC's Director of Public Policy & Research

This week, NCTC was able to help our Illinois affiliate – the Center for Economic Progress – make an important plug for increasing that state’s Earned Income Tax Credit.

Illinois lawmakers are considering a package of tax-relief measures for businesses that have raised concerns about the effects of a state income tax increase approved last January. Governor Pat Quinn has insisted that any such package include a long-overdue boost in the Illinois EITC, which – set at 5 percent of the federal credit – now is tied for the nation’s second-smallest such state credit. Read the rest of this entry

Federal Benefit Payments Are Going All-Electronic

Go DirectThe U.S. Department of the Treasury is phasing out paper checks for federal benefit payments. Monthly benefit payments will instead be made electronically. This means that anyone who currently receives a federal benefit check must switch to an electronic payment method by March 1, 2013.

As a trusted source of financial information for low-income and older taxpayers, your organization is in the perfect position to share information about this change to the way federal benefits are being paid and urge people to switch now rather than wait for the deadline. Read the rest of this entry