The EITC: Every Client Has a Story

VITA Client

Client stories are one of the most effective advocacy tools.

This post is part of our week-long series on the Earned Income Tax Credit to celebrate EITC Awareness Day on Friday, January 27. Check back each day for a new post!

This year for EITC Awareness Day, be sure to talk to taxpayers themselves about just how valuable this credit is to working families.

Thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit, one family will be able to afford quality childcare for the children, one family will be able to make some medical bill payments, one household will be able to make extra mortgage payments, one father can now make some much-needed car repairs, one mother can buy gas and extra groceries, students can pay down their student loan debt and maybe they can all put a little bit away to save for the future.

These stories from VITA clients help make the connection between a complicated tax code and its real-world effects in communities everywhere. Highlighting how each family plans to use their EITC refund provides a local perspective on national issues – a perspective that our friends in Washington, D.C. should not overlook. Of course, numbers and statistical data about the economic impact of the EITC are important, but the EITC was created to help families get ahead and to stay out of poverty, so the stories they can share about the EITC’s worth get right at the heart of the matter as to why this tax credit exists and why it should remain strong.

For EITC Awareness Day, please take the time to ask clients just what the EITC means to them – whether it means school supplies or utility bills, less debt or savings. Our website has some tips and resources on collecting stories, as well as valuable information about the EITC and other refundable tax credits. Together we can raise awareness of this vital tax credit so that everyone who qualifies is sure to claim it, and with these stories, we will work towards ensuring that the EITC continues to be the boost that hardworking families really need.

By Jennifer Thall, Coordinator of Civic Engagement

About National Community Tax Coalition

National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) is the nation's largest, most comprehensive membership organization for community-based organizations offering free tax and financial services to low-income working families.

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