Recap: EITC Awareness Day on Capitol Hill

Sen Snowe

Senator Olympia Snowe visits a York County CA$H tax site in Maine. Members are inviting their members of Congress to visit their sites across the country.

NCTC began this year’s tax season by raising awareness of the Earned Income Tax Credit in conjunction with our field members and other national advocacy organizations. On January 26, NCTC hosted a congressional briefing to laud the many ways the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps families, communities and local economies. During January and February, NCTC members around the country are hosting policy makers at their local tax sites to bring attention to the EITC and to their free tax payer services.

At NCTC’s Congressional briefing, there was standing room only! Jackie Lynn Coleman, Executive Director of NCTC, urged the group, “In these particularly difficult economic times, it’s crucial that all families who are eligible for the EITC actually claim it.”

The event was cosponsored by:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities New America Foundation
Corporation for Enterprise Development One Economy Corporation
Community Action Partnership First Nations Oweesta Corporation
Doorways to Dreams Fund RESULTS
Goodwill Industries International Tax Credits for Working Families
National Disability Institute United Way Worldwide

NCTC also announced the release of its latest paper, titled “The EITC: Good for Our Families, Communities and Economy,” which outlines the direct and indirect benefits of the tax credit. Since its inception, the EITC has helped millions of low- and moderate-income families avoid poverty and begin their path toward financial security.

Jackie Lynn Coleman

NCTC Executive Director Jackie Lynn Coleman speaks on the importance and success of the EITC

Teffany Horne, an EITC recipient, was on hand to talk about how positive her experience has been working with the Baltimore CASH campaign to claim her tax refund. VITA sites, like Baltimore CASH campaign, are the vital link that allows individuals to file their taxes for free and claim tax credits.

Horne spoke about how valuable the EITC has been for her to meet the needs of her family, and how it enabled her to start saving. You can hear more from Teffany here.

In 2012, NCTC will continue advocating for retaining the critical improvements to the EITC that were part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Additionally, NCTC will advocate to increase the EITC for single taxpayers with no children, and to preserve and improve existing tax credits.

By Gail Parson, Manager of Civic Engagement

About National Community Tax Coalition

National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) is the nation's largest, most comprehensive membership organization for community-based organizations offering free tax and financial services to low-income working families.

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