Protect VITA and Refundable Tax Credits!


Clients will be filling out postcards all across the nation!

Nothing resonates with legislators quite like client stories. Whether its a single mom trying to save for her kids’ college fund or a family of five just trying to make ends meet, decision-makers need to know the impact VITA and refundable tax credits have on their constituents. That’s why NCTC is launching a client stories campaign and asking you to participate!


NCTC needs you to ask your clients to fill out a simple postcard. These postcards will allow clients to record how they will use their tax refund without including personal information like their name. There will also be space for clients to write about how your tax site has helped them this year. These stories are able to convey the impact of VITA and refundable tax credits far better than a petition.


Staff, volunteers and taxpayers throughout the country are participating. In short, that means you!


We know we do great work – VITA programs prepared more than 1.5 million tax returns last year. But legislators and other decision-makers see aggregate numbers all the time. They need to see the impact that VITA and refundable tax credits have, in the taxpayers’ own handwriting. Real stories hit home for legislators, it’s as simple as that!


Now! The 2012 tax filing season.


  1. Decide how you can fit the postcard into your tax site’s procedures. The procedure could be as simple as this: While clients are waiting at the tax site, a volunteer can provide them with a hard copy of a postcard to fill out.
  2. Let NCTC know if we can mail you copies of the postcard, or an electronic template that you can use to make your own copies.
  3. Collect the postcards when they are finished and keep in a secure location. Make a copy to keep—you can use them for local advocacy and client stories.
  4. When finished collecting postcards, contact NCTC about mailing hard copies to us.
  5. Plan a local event where staff, volunteers and taxpayers deliver the postcards to the office of your local elected officials. We can help you with ideas!

Please email Gail Parson at NCTC ( to place an order for postcards. We need to get your order by February 17th, 2012.

By Gail Parson, Manager of Civic Engagement

About National Community Tax Coalition

National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) is the nation's largest, most comprehensive membership organization for community-based organizations offering free tax and financial services to low-income working families.

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