Paid Preparers: NCTC Provides Assistance in Launch of New Chicago Preparer Regulations

Mayor Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

During a press conference today, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his new proposed ordinance to more closely regulate paid preparers and enhance protections for consumers of these tax services. Citing tax data analysis provided by the National Community Tax Coalition through its Center for Economic Progress affiliate in Illinois, Mayor Emanuel highlighted the dramatic drain predatory practices and refund products have created for Chicago’s low-income working families.

The new ordinance specifically targets the exorbitant fees levied on consumers of paid preparation services while ensuring all clients of these services are provided a clear bill of rights in their native language prior to tax prep. This will help inform clients of exactly what to expect and where to seek help if they believe they are facing unscrupulous practices. Details on the proposed ordinance are available in the full version of the city’s press release, which features CEP President David Marzahl, who helped shape the ordinance.

NCTC is continuing to expand its policy and advocacy technical assistance efforts on the state and local levels. If your organization would like such assistance for your policy efforts, please contact Holden Weisman, Policy Analyst, at


About National Community Tax Coalition

National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) is the nation's largest, most comprehensive membership organization for community-based organizations offering free tax and financial services to low-income working families.

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