Q&A: John Pierre, Chair of the NCTC Board of Managers

John PierreOn January 1, NCTC officially became a limited liability company (LLC) and established a Board of Managers as its official governing entity.

The Board will be meeting for their first in-person meeting with other members and NCTC staff in Chicago, IL tomorrow. In conjunction with this meeting, we asked Board Chair John Pierre to answer a few questions about the Board, its work and the future of NCTC.

What is the Board of Managers and how is it different than the previous governing body, the NCTC Steering Committee?

The Board of Managers is the governing body for the newly formed limited liability company (LLC) structure adopted for NCTC.  As an LLC, NCTC is now a separate entity from the Center for Economic Progress, and operates independently.

The Board of Managers sets binding policies for NCTC and operates differently from the Steering Committee, which served in more of an advisory capacity to NCTC.

Who sits on the Board of Managers?

The members of the Board of Managers includes:

  • John K. Pierre – Vice Chancellor, Southern University Law Center
  • Mark Alvarado – Neighborhood Outreach Services, City of Santa Barbara
  • Tracy Fischman – Executive Director, AccountAbility Minnesota
  • Lucy Gorham – Director of EITC Carolinas, MDC, Inc.
  • Karen Heisler – Director of Asset Building, Rural Dynamics, Inc.
  • David Marzahl – President, Center for Economic Progress
  • David Rothstein – Researcher, Policy Matters Ohio

The Board meets bi-monthly, via telephone conference call or in-person meetings.

What has the Board been working on since its inception in January?

The Board has been working on several administrative issues, such as developing an Administrative Services Agreement with the Center for Economic Progress, setting policies for the Board and NCTC, and determining how NCTC will operate in the future with respect to office space, and other strategic initiatives.

At the board retreat, scheduled for June 12, 2012 at the Chase Towers in Chicago, Illinois, a discussion of finances, program highlights and accomplishments, policy highlights and accomplishments, future opportunities, and strategic planning, including board recruitment and strengthening, will take place.

What will the Board be working on in the near future?

The Board is looking at several long-term issues. Those issues include finding office space for NCTC in 2013, sustaining stable revenue sources, and developing a long-term vision which will be the foundation for future long-term activities. By the end of 2012, the Board hopes to accomplish the following:  1) having a successful 10 year anniversary event and planning the 2013 NCTC Conference; 2) increasing the capacity of NCTC to better serve individuals who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit; and, 3) increasing the number of students served by the Financial Aid U Program.

Is the Board looking for more members? Can people apply? 

The Board is planning to actively recruit and seat new members by the end of the year. The Board is in the process of developing criteria for new board members and the strategy we will use to recruit them. Once potential board members are identified, members of the NCTC Board will contact the candidate to determine if that individual is willing to serve on the Board.


About National Community Tax Coalition

National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) is the nation's largest, most comprehensive membership organization for community-based organizations offering free tax and financial services to low-income working families.

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