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Schedule C Initiative to Continue for 2013 Filing Season

Small Business OwnerIRS leadership has partially reversed its mid-October decision that limited VITA scope to assisting only self-employed individuals that meet the criteria for filing a Schedule C-EZ tax return.  The IRS now is permitting the 16 programs of the Schedule C Initiative to continue to assist clients with Schedule C filings during the upcoming 2013 tax-filing season.

After soliciting guidance from the VITA field about the effects of reducing the scope of self-employment tax assistance, NCTC worked closely with IRS SPEC leadership to respond to these concerns and develop a solution that still allows low- and moderate-income, self-employed taxpayers to be served at VITA sites.  Read the rest of this entry


Update: Free Customized PSAs Now Available for Affiliates!


These PSAs are professionally made and FREE for affiliates.

Last month we announced we’d be offering free customized Public Service Announcement (PSA) commercials for our affiliates to use. They’re here!

You can now order your PSAs by filling out the online form. While filling out the order form, you’re able to preview the commercials and decide which ones fit your needs best. The commercials will come with your organization’s contact information at the end so your clients know how to get to your sites.  Read the rest of this entry

Q&A on Volunteer Training, Certification Changes

QuestionA new questions-and-answers document can help resolve some of the confusion that many VITA programs are understandably encountering regarding delays in volunteer -training materials and products for the 2013 tax-filing season.

The IRS SPEC office (Stakeholder Partnerships, Education, and Communications) announced the delays in mid-October, as programs were preparing for a new tax season and volunteer training and certification. SPEC also outlined several changes in the way various aspects of training and certification are typically handled. Read the rest of this entry

Thankful for RALs’ Decline – But RACs Still Around

RALsIt may be turkey time for the rest of the country, but NCTC members and commercial preparers are busy gearing up for the upcoming tax season. One big difference we’ll see in 2013 is the departure of refund anticipation loans (RALs). Last tax season was the final one in which these high-cost, high-risk loans will be made, at least on a large scale by banks. In December 2011, Republic Bank & Trust, which was the last of the RAL-lending banks, entered into a settlement with its federal regulator agreeing to cease making RALs after the 2012 tax season.    Read the rest of this entry

Donation Model Could Provide Another Revenue Source for VITA Programs

Donation JarMuch like the communities you serve, many organizations providing tax preparation services are struggling. Program expenses such as supplies, volunteer training and recognition, facilities and equipment overhead, and personnel are just a few costs that are required to provide valuable tax preparation services that may otherwise cost hundreds of dollars for low- and moderate-income families.

With donor fatigue, a common problem among nonprofits, the VITA field finds a challenge in maintaining the quality and number of people served with diminishing resources. Being creative and expanding the donor base is vital in sustaining VITA services. Read the rest of this entry

Balance Can Save Struggling Families & Our Nation From the “Fiscal Cliff”

FamilyWith elections behind us, our national leaders are returning to Washington for this Congress’ final weeks of session, and must come together on a plan to avoid the dangers of the so-called “fiscal cliff.”  But what is that cliff, and what does it signify for Americans in need?

The cliff refers to two things, and their combined effects: Read the rest of this entry