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NTA Tool Will Not Be Available in 2013

NTA ReportsThe National Technical Assistance (NTA) Tool, used for creating standardized reports for TaxWise data, will not be available for the 2013 tax season, as the tool’s funding has come to a close. The NTA Tool has allowed VITA programs to perform functions such as tax return data consolidation, and ad hoc queries that enabled users to summarize tax data by selected areas, such as grouping taxpayers by zip code.

In addition, the loss of funding means that the NTA Data and NTA Label reports may not be available this year. CCH will not be providing NTA Data/Label reports for TaxWise Desktop and the TaxWise Online reports will not be updated or tested this year. Read the rest of this entry


NCTC To Assume Management Responsibility for EITC Platform in 2013

EITC PlatformNCTC and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) are pleased to announce the transition of the EITC Platform from Aspen EOP to NCTC.

Available to the free tax preparation field since 2007, the EITC Platform was developed as a project of the Aspen Institute EOP with NCTC’s partnership, sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and powered by CCA Global Partners. Its track record of providing top quality and much-needed resources to VITA programs has proven it an invaluable tool in the ongoing effort to strengthen our members’ service to lower-income families. Read the rest of this entry

Six Things to Do Before Tax Season Starts

To Do ListIt’s that time again. Once tax season starts, your time becomes your most valuable (and scarce) asset. Any amount of time wasted means fewer clients served, fewer volunteers trained, or some other inefficiency.

Here are six things to do before tax season starts to make sure you don’t lose a single second: Read the rest of this entry

CFPB, City of Chicago Agreement is Encouraging for all Americans

Richard Cordray in Chicago

Sun-Times Photo

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and City of Chicago have teamed up to protect city residents from predatory lending.

At the announcement in Chicago, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said it is the first time the federal agency has partnered directly with a municipal government.

The crux of the agreement is information sharing: The city will share information it collects on financial scams with the CFPB, and the CFPB will share its analysis, expertise, and mandated enforcement power with the city.  Read the rest of this entry

Self Quality Review Is No Longer Allowed – Here’s How to Handle It

Tax Return ReviewSelf quality review is not allowed at VITA tax sites for the upcoming tax season and beyond.  This means each tax return must be reviewed by a quality reviewer independent of the tax preparer. Many tax sites will be affected by the policy, which will increase the burden  on VITA programs and strain their resources.

Those VITA programs affected must implement a method to complete an acceptable quality review when resources limit the ability to complete a “traditional” face‐to‐face review between the taxpayer and an independent quality reviewer.

NCTC has worked with our members and the IRS on Elimination of Self Quality Review Guidelines. These guidelines provide a list of “acceptable” alternative approaches, summarized below, that programs may employ in the upcoming tax season to complete an appropriate and acceptable quality review of a completed tax return. Read the rest of this entry