Schedule C Initiative to continue during the 2014 tax-filing season

Tax FormsNCTC recently received confirmation from IRS SPEC leadership that the 16 VITA programs currently participating in the Schedule C Initiative will once again be permitted to assist clients with Schedule C tax return filings during the 2014 filing season. This is a reversal of a previous decision earlier this year, and we wholeheartedly thank IRS SPEC and Wage and Investment leadership for their reconsideration and recognition of the importance of this initiative for our clients.

This decision lays the groundwork for a revitalized Schedule C Initiative and sets the stage for in-depth exploration and evaluation of VITA scope. The following are the key points of the decision relating to the upcoming and future tax seasons:

  • The Schedule C Initiative will continue during the 2014 tax-filing season with the 16 programs currently participating.
  • In consultation with NCTC and several of our members, IRS SPEC and Wage and Investment staff will create and implement a data-driven assessment approach to evaluate the Schedule C Initiative. This evaluation could eventually lead to an exploration opportunity to test if the expanded VITA Schedule C scope of the Initiative is replicable at other sites.
  • NCTC will continue to train the participating programs and host the certification exam. The trainings and exam will be updated with the support of IRS SPEC staff for certification in the upcoming tax-filing season.
  • The expense limitation for Schedule C-EZ filing will be expanded to $10,000 for all VITA programs and will not require any additional certification beyond current training for Schedule C-EZ assistance.

This decision comes after months of strong advocacy from NCTC, our partners at CFED, the 16 programs of the Initiative, and the generous funders supporting these programs. We would certainly like to thank all of our partners and affiliates who participated in this effort, one that ultimately enlisted the support of National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson to defend the Initiative and fight for its continuation. We’d like to extend a special thanks to Ms. Olson and her staff in the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

For more information on the Schedule C Initiative, please contact NCTC Special Projects Coordinator Cassidy Fallik at


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