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Guest blog: Saving the Savings Bond: The “SAVINGS Act” in 2013

Savings BondsSavings bonds have an interesting history. First introduced in 1935, they were designed to “appeal primarily to individuals with small amounts to invest” and used as a way to expand participation in government financing. Their conceptual predecessor was the war bond, which, in various forms, has been available in the US as far back as the American Revolution. Although war bonds come and go, savings bonds have been offered to the public continuously since their inception, and tax-time savings bonds, savings bonds you can purchase directly on your tax form, have been available since 2009. By using IRS Form 8888, while preparing her taxes, a taxpayer could choose to “impulse save,” or set aside a part of her refund to purchase a U.S. Savings Bond, effectively pre-committing to save the money before she actually receives it. Read the rest of this entry


Help Us Win! Citi and NCTC are Finalists!

GraphicWe are proud to announce that NCTC and Citi have been named a finalist for the Best Partnership Award, organized by the Business Civic Leadership Center, for the joint implementation of Financial Aid U! Read the rest of this entry