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Partnership between Opportunity Nation and National Community Tax Coalition Provides Helpful Lens for Looking at Poverty

Cash and ChangeWhen most people think of taxes, they typically don’t make a connection to the idea of “economic opportunity.” But the truth is, tax time is a crucial moment for many American families who are able to take advantage of refundable tax credits for which they may qualify. These include the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Tax Credit (CTC), or the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC). Qualifying families can use their refunds to pay for basic needs or use the money as a catalyst to start saving in case of emergency, such as opening a savings account or buying a U.S. Savings Bond. In addition, the heightened attention paid to family finances at tax time can open the door to other services, such as credit counseling or receiving assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Read the rest of this entry


Guest blog: How the EITC Helped Me

CamilleR. Camille Henry is a junior high school teacher who just finished a master’s program in clinical counseling. She is also the proud mother of a ten-year-old son. She will be speaking at NCTC’s EITC briefing at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center on January 30th.

The EITC has proven to be quite a beneficial credit to my family. As a young single mother, the EITC has allowed me to continue my educational journey, career aspirations and, most importantly, provide for the needs of my family. I used this supplement as financial support for school and to register my son for camp while I worked a part-time job during the summer months. I was able to finish my associate’s and bachelor’s degrees with the support of this credit and fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. Read the rest of this entry

FAU Allows Students to Reach Their Full Potential

Grad HatThe voting continues until Tuesday, October 15th for NCTC and the Citi Foundation for the Best Partnership Award for the Financial Aid U program. You can vote once per day, every day!

With funding from the Citi Foundation, Financial Aid U (FAU) has helped put more than 8,000 students across the U.S. on the path to earning a college degree. Our program helps steer students through the complex financial aid process and unlocks millions of dollars in federal and state aid and loan funding. For these students, financial aid is a crucial determining factor in their decision and ability to pursue a college degree. Read the rest of this entry

VITA clients can win prizes for sharing their stories

As part of our new story-collecting process, NCTC is providing incentives to clients who have taken time to be interviewed and share about their experience and struggles. Throughout the tax season, NCTC is randomly choosing a story and sending that client a $20 gift card. Donna Hodges, a client of Just Harvest in Pittsburgh for several years, is our first winner! Read the rest of this entry

Client Story Collecting Made Simpler this Tax Season

Sharron Holquin, an EITC recipient in Maryland, who shared her story at NCTC's Congressional EITC Awareness Day Briefing. On the right is Taunya E. Johnson-Oates,VITA Program Specialist, who worked with Sharron on her tax return.

Sharron Holquin, an EITC recipient in Maryland, who shared her story at NCTC’s Congressional EITC Awareness Day Briefing. On the right is Taunya E. Johnson-Oates,VITA Program Specialist, who worked with Sharron on her tax return.

The opening of the 2013 tax filing season is [finally!] here. As proposals for tax reform are being tossed around in Washington, D.C., it is critical that we bring the voices of our clients to the debate. That is why it’s so critical for VITA programs to collect client stories.

This year, NCTC has created a new and simpler procedure to help VITA sites capture the real-life stories of the clients they serve. This process will also help us gather stories throughout the tax season so we will be able to use them as soon as feasible. Read the rest of this entry

Protect Tax Credits by Sharing Your Client Stories

VITA ClientNCTC needs your help with one of the most crucial components of our campaign to protect tax credits for working families!

As you may know, improvements in the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit are due to expire at the end of the year unless congressional action is taken.  Already, some in Congress are questioning the value of keeping these credits strong.  Thus, NCTC will be working over the summer and fall to build a strong case to protect these vital credits. Read the rest of this entry