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VITA Champ Congressman Davis thanked during August Recess Meeting

Jackie Lynn Coleman (right), NCTC Executive Director, thanks Rep. Danny Davis (center) for his co-sponsorship of the VITA Act during his August recess visit to NCTC member, Center for Economic Progress.

Jackie Lynn Coleman (right), NCTC Executive Director, thanks Rep. Danny Davis (center) for his co-sponsorship of the VITA Act during his August recess visit to NCTC member, Center for Economic Progress.

As tax-policy questions fill the nation’s capital, Congressman Danny Davis received both thanks and encouragement for his related, anti-poverty efforts during a visit to NCTC member organization, Center for Economic Progress (CEP) on August 13th.

U.S. Rep. Davis, who represents Illinois’ 7th congressional district, visited CEP during one of its regular “Money Action Days” Tuesday. Read the rest of this entry


Student Loan Interest Rates: Compromise (Finally!) Reached

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

Last Friday, President Obama officially signed into law a bipartisan compromise bill that lawmakers say will save students thousands of dollars in student-loan interest payments after they graduate. NCTC, particularly through the Financial Aid U and College Assistance Programs, is committed to ensuring low- and moderate-income students are able to afford the higher education they want to get ahead. Here’s a brief overview of the compromise that was reached, after this summer saw a flurry of proposals and counter-proposals attempting to address the student loan issue. Read the rest of this entry

VITA updates create new opportunities for August advocacy

broken_budgeting_onpageVITA is in season in Washington, D.C. with recent news emerging from the U.S. House, Senate, and the IRS. Appropriations bills for the next fiscal year have now been put forward by committees in both houses with new challenges and opportunities for the VITA grant program. And the VITA Act has now been reintroduced in the Senate as well as the House. Add to this the latest news on VITA quality from the IRS, and there’s an impressive backdrop of news to inform your August recess in-district Congressional meetings. Read the rest of this entry

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: A Tougher Road in the U.S. House

Capitol BuildingReforming our country’s immigration system has been one of the more ambitious goals Congress has been tackling this year. Last month, the U.S. Senate took a big step forward by approving that chamber’s comprehensive immigration legislation with bipartisan support. But particularly as the debate moves to the U.S. House of Representatives, there is still a long way to go – and considerable disagreement over certain key provisions – before reforms become law. Read the rest of this entry

Underscoring IRS authority for paid-prep rules

Capitol BuildingWhen a U.S. District Court judge set-aside IRS regulations of commercial tax preparers in January, he said the agency lacks the statutory authority to impose such rules.

Many policy experts and organizations respectfully disagree, including NCTC. We long have believed the IRS has the proper legal standing – not to mention the fundamental responsibility – to develop and enforce rules to protect taxpayers from fraud or incompetence at the hands of paid tax preparers. And we continue to maintain that.

Nonetheless, the process of appealing the district-court decision could take a great deal of time, and its outcome is uncertain. So, we welcome such proposals as the “Taxpayer Protection and Preparer Fraud Prevention Act” (H.R.1570), filed last month by U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. Read the rest of this entry

New proposals for strengthening tax credits, working families

eitcTax credits that help working families make ends meet should be treated as no less important than tax benefits exclusive to the very wealthiest of households. In fact, they’re even more critical to the overall stability of our nation’s economy.

Thus, NCTC has obtained the signatures of more than 300 local, state, and national organizations for a letter supporting new legislation to protect and strengthen the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and (EITC). Read the rest of this entry