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MEDA Director Discusses Financial Aid Awareness Week on Univision

Dairo Romero

Dairo Romero talks about Financial Aid U on Univision

Dairo Romero, Director of Programs at the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) in San Francisco was recently interviewed by Univsion 14 about MEDA’s involement in Financial Aid U and Financial Aid Awareness Week. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Financial Aid Awareness Week!

Financial Aid U

In 2010, Financial Aid U programs helped file more than 1,200 FAFSAs leading to $10.7 million in aid

Today marks the beginning of Financial Aid Awareness Week! In partnership with NCTC and the Citi Foundation, programs across the country in NCTC’s Financial Aid U program have worked to host FAFSA preparation events and pass local resolutions and proclamations declaring February 6-12 “Financial Aid Awareness Week.”

Low-income students attend college at a rate 20-40% lower than their higher-income counterparts. With tuition rising higher and higher, the FAFSA has been shown to be a major barrier for low-income and first-generation students as they struggle to find a way to pay for college. Read the rest of this entry