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Guest blog: Building financial security at tax time, “The Financial Security Credit Act of 2013”

VITA and other free tax prep-sites have long been dedicated to promoting improved financial well-being for their clients. Beyond the value of direct service, one of the most important roles that free tax prep sites can play is by serving as partners in research projects examining the strength and viability of different strategies to boost the financial security of vulnerable American families.

Proof arrived last week when U.S. Representative Jose Serrano introduced H.R. 2917, the “Financial Security Credit Act of 2013.” Read the rest of this entry


Guest Post: A Better Way to Make College More Affordable

New America Foundation

Rachel Black serves as Policy Analyst, Asset Building at the New America Foundation.

This guest post is part of our week-long series on higher education affordability and accessibility. Rachel will be speaking at our Congressional Briefing on Thursday, May 17 on Capitol Hill. 

The wrangling over the jump in student loan rates scheduled to take place on July 1st has placed renewed focus on making college affordable. This is critical time to be having this conversation because the value of a college degree is only increasing in the post-recession economy, but, so is the cost of acquiring it.

In 2010, for example, 88 percent of recent college graduates with a college degree were employed and, on average, earning $581 a week compared to only 64 percent of their peers with just a high school diploma who were earning $305.

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