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Six Things You Should Know From the NCLC/CFA Report on RALs

On Wednesday, the National Consumer Law Center and Consumer Federation of America released their 12th annual Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) Report. While it victoriously declares “the party’s over for quickie tax loans,” the report also warns that other dangers remain in place for taxpayers, specifically the low-income families we serve.

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What’s Going on at Instant Tax Service?

JLC Interview

NCTC Executive Director Jackie Lynn Coleman talks to a reporter about the questionable practices paid preparers sometimes employ

Would it surprise you to hear that there are questionable practices going on at the offices of some paid preparers this tax season? Of course not. But for a couple groups, the media exposure of these practices is really picking up.

On Tuesday, NCTC Executive Director Jackie Lynn Coleman went on CBS-Houston to talk about preparers who are using old customer information to file new returns without their permission.

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