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State EITC update: Bad news in NC

North_Carolina_State_Capitol,_RaleighThe first major state-EITC proposal to cross a legislative finish line in 2013 is a huge disappointment, threatening tougher times for working families in North Carolina.

Governor McCrory now has signed into law a measure cutting the value of his state’s Earned Income Tax Credit by 10 percent for one year and allowing it to expire entirely after that. About 900,000 low- and moderate-income households face tax increases as a result. Read the rest of this entry


State EITC & VITA Funding Work – Can We Help?

David Marzahl

CEP President David Marzahl speaks at a bill signing to increase the Illinois state EITC

NCTC would like to help its affiliates replicate the kind of state-level success story that materialized last week in Illinois, where a new law was signed to increase the state Earned Income Tax Credit.

NCTC assisted the Center for Economic Progress – our Illinois affiliate – in providing some of the technical assistance necessary to achieve this victory for about 1 million low- and moderate-income, working families.  Together, NCTC and CEP provided state leaders with such expertise as projections for various credit-increase scenarios.  We also worked with fellow EITC coalition advocates to craft messages and pull-together compelling, national research that helped convince legislators of the need for this important step forward. Read the rest of this entry

State Stories: Strengthen the EITC, Strengthen Local Economies

Sean Noble

Sean Noble serves as NCTC's Director of Public Policy & Research

This week, NCTC was able to help our Illinois affiliate – the Center for Economic Progress – make an important plug for increasing that state’s Earned Income Tax Credit.

Illinois lawmakers are considering a package of tax-relief measures for businesses that have raised concerns about the effects of a state income tax increase approved last January. Governor Pat Quinn has insisted that any such package include a long-overdue boost in the Illinois EITC, which – set at 5 percent of the federal credit – now is tied for the nation’s second-smallest such state credit. Read the rest of this entry