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Come Join Us – March Forward: 2013 NCTC National Conference!

IMG_9254The National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) will be hosting its 9th National Conference September 10-13 in New Orleans, LA! The Conference, titled March Forward, is the premiere conference for the community tax preparation and asset building field. More than 400 attendees are expected to come together to learn, network, and celebrate as a field! Read the rest of this entry


The costs of being “free”

how much image blogFREE!! The first thought that comes to mind when I see the word “free” is “Ooh lalala.” I usually get a euphoric feeling especially if the good or service is something I value. As a consumer, I get to save money and it allows the opportunity to take that money and use it for something else. That’s great!

But who really pays for it to be “free”? Usually when something is marketed as “free”, it is the consumer who receives it for free. Someone still has to pay to provide that service or create the good. So that service or good may be free for the consumer, but the business still has to pay for it. Read the rest of this entry

Donation Model Could Provide Another Revenue Source for VITA Programs

Donation JarMuch like the communities you serve, many organizations providing tax preparation services are struggling. Program expenses such as supplies, volunteer training and recognition, facilities and equipment overhead, and personnel are just a few costs that are required to provide valuable tax preparation services that may otherwise cost hundreds of dollars for low- and moderate-income families.

With donor fatigue, a common problem among nonprofits, the VITA field finds a challenge in maintaining the quality and number of people served with diminishing resources. Being creative and expanding the donor base is vital in sustaining VITA services. Read the rest of this entry

Looking Back at NCTC’s Thought Leader Circle II

Catherine Ro

Catherine Ro serves as NCTC's Project Manager

The second of three Thought Leader Circles was held on July 28th in New York City. A component of the Sustainable Models research project, funded by the Ford Foundation, the circles bring together leaders in the tax preparation field to participate in a robust research initiative exploring sustainability issues. These learnings will help inform the future direction of the community tax preparation field in service delivery, revenue generation, and policy. Read the rest of this entry