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Six Things to Do Before Tax Season Starts

To Do ListIt’s that time again. Once tax season starts, your time becomes your most valuable (and scarce) asset. Any amount of time wasted means fewer clients served, fewer volunteers trained, or some other inefficiency.

Here are six things to do before tax season starts to make sure you don’t lose a single second: Read the rest of this entry


Self Quality Review Is No Longer Allowed – Here’s How to Handle It

Tax Return ReviewSelf quality review is not allowed at VITA tax sites for the upcoming tax season and beyond.  This means each tax return must be reviewed by a quality reviewer independent of the tax preparer. Many tax sites will be affected by the policy, which will increase the burden  on VITA programs and strain their resources.

Those VITA programs affected must implement a method to complete an acceptable quality review when resources limit the ability to complete a “traditional” face‐to‐face review between the taxpayer and an independent quality reviewer.

NCTC has worked with our members and the IRS on Elimination of Self Quality Review Guidelines. These guidelines provide a list of “acceptable” alternative approaches, summarized below, that programs may employ in the upcoming tax season to complete an appropriate and acceptable quality review of a completed tax return. Read the rest of this entry

Waiting is the Hardest Part: Entertain Your Clients If You Want to Keep Them

Long LineThe unfortunate reality is that sometimes clients have to wait to receive our services. Your program may even lose a substantial amount of clients because of it, costing the client money to have their taxes prepared elsewhere.

Why not make this process as pleasant and fun as possible? If they aren’t thinking about the wait, they’re more likely to stay.

Take a look at some suggestions from NCTC staff and members for your tax site’s waiting area: Read the rest of this entry